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Computer science professors teach undergraduates how to write software, make computers do new things, and/or accomplish tasks more efficiently.


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IITechologies & Siwan Tech a growing Corprate Treaning Institute in India. its staying in Siwan Bihar location in 2019 by IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Team


Nowadays the world has moved so far in the field of technologies that people make their most difficult tasks by making robots with the help of a machine. They are completing the toughest tasks through the medium of a machine and also get to know about the Galaxy easily.

Corporate Trainng

In today's time, you need corporate training for a bright future.I have brought for your bright future online/offline corporate training through which you can learn a lot like... JAVA,ANDROID,DIGITAL MARKETING, PYTHON, etc.

Cyber Security

In today's time, it is very important to have knowledge in fields like cyber security. Nowadays cyebr crime is happening very loudly and cheating cases are coming up, which makes self-protection necessary.









IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Offering Various Type Of Development Services

Students need the latest technical skills to do their work productively. Our commitment is to provide meaningful and long-lasting IT training with live project examples from IT industry experts. We provide online training for employees who want to update their IT skills. IITechnologies & Siwan Tech offers flexible ways of training and learning based on the needs of employees. IITechnologies & Siwan Tech provides training for major corporate companies around the world. We offer autonomous / live online / classroom training modes to customers based on their availability.

Web Design

IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Give a better user experience to our Customers Your website is your company's first impression and speaks volumes about your business,

Digital Marketing

Grow your business with digital marketing skills (First Google AdWords Partner) Most of the time we see that even after investing a lot of money in a website, it fails to make a place in various search engines like Google, Yahoo what is the reason behind it ..?

Mobile App

On service websites we develop Android apps to suit your needs. If you want to develop an Android app for your business, don't hesitate directly

Graphic Design

IITechnologies & Siwan Tech is a web and graphics design agency based in Siwan, Bihar, India. We create beautiful and unique design solutions for local and global brands and businesses.


The Internet of Things connects the physical world to the Internet so that you can use device data to increase productivity and efficiency. It is possible to connect things to the Internet because many connectivity options are widely available.


IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Siwan provides Best Robotics training in siwan(bihar) based on current industry standards that helps attendees to secure placements in their dream jobs at MNCs. IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Provides Best Robotics Training in siwan.


The team of IITechnologias & Siwan Tech is waiting 24 * 7 hours for your support. if you belongs to it background your mind ask a question what i do? if you wnat any suggestion, job consultant and any type of courses like... Robotices, java, iot, python or web releted all problem/sollution available here for +91 91 35 73 36 61

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IOT Training

Organizational analysts who can develop their IoT talent will surely increase their understanding of optimal business value and also IoT technology along with their business benefits, Operate devices that are invisible at every point of our lives.

The circumstances that hit the company today. They only reside in a placement to validate IoT expertise or IoT platform functions.


IItechnologies & Siwan Tech of Robotics is committed to providing quality education in the field of online and offline robotics training.

The vast network of instructors and consultants supports budding engineers and students who want to learn robotics and advanced control concepts through the latest embedded systems technologies.

Degital Marketing

IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Corporate strategies are now based on digital transformation.

Focus on customer engagement / UX, rapid innovation and more. A new class of digital infrastructure is being developed, which better supports this digital transformation.

Best Web Development training institute in Siwan Bihar

IITechnologies & Siwan Tech Full Stack Web Developer Course in Siwan.

With Frontend Development and Backend using Php / Node JS / Python with Django/ Mean Stack, Alumni with projects and 100% Job Assistance. Best Full Stack Web Developer Training Institute in Siwan, Bihar.

Best web designing training institute in Siwan Bihar

In this IITechnologie, learn to design and build beautiful websites by learning basic design principles such as branding, color theory, and typography,

which are fundamental in the website design process. It is assumed that you will also learn Photoshop, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap, which are common code languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are all based on modern websites.




Mr KRISHNA MOHAN PANDEY is one of The bestfront end developer with PHP developer his convancing style,teching style also amazing in our field.



One Of the best choice for IOT/ROBOTICS field and specially conversation style of Gaurav sir is amazing teacher,teaching style also suppeb.



Er. SONU KUMAR is cyber analyst and python developere, his also done five projects & one year industrial experience in cyber field.



Er. ANKIT SHAHU is Web development Analyst. A web developer or engineer who works with both the front and back ends of a website or application

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  • Why I join IItechnologies & Siwan Tech..?

    1. I certify you that the certification is accepted worldwide.
    2. Along with closing classes, you are guaranteed campus placement.
    3. I offer you one year membership card.
    4. 24x7 hours will help for your better life.
    5. If you can improve a particular subject/field then i help you.

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    4. Can i also become a programmer/hacker?
    5. All your we have a solution for the problem, join us.

  • 1. Wifi on the premises. 2. cool infrastructer and good LAB. 3. All payments cards/getway accepted...like credit card,debit card,bhim UPI. 4 Parking available/Bike parking available. 5. Small Canteen

  • There is a difference between a job and a career. A person who takes a job expects to earn a wage in exchange for the tasks involved. S/he doesn’t usually take the time to see beyond that exchange and plan for what might come next or what might be needed in order to grow or increase earnings.



Siswan Dhala Siwan Near Z.A. Islamia P.G College Siwan, 841226


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